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Welcome to my Photoshop site! Here you can find handmade brushes and other kind of fun stuff to boost your Photoshopping. Please read the terms at the bottom of the page. These are great resources for creating webdesigns, so don't forget to press Ctrl + D to bookmark! Design with your heart

Instructions on how to import my files into Adobe Photoshop

Many people have e-mailed me for these instructions so I decided to put them on my frontpage. The principles are the same for every brush, pattern, or action-file. Don't delete the files from your harddrive after importing because they are needed every time you open Photoshop. Only delete them after you have no plan on using them anymore.

Here's how to add the brushes into Photoshop!

How to import brushes to Photoshop

Here's how to add the actions into Photoshop!

How to import actionscripts into Adobe Photoshop

Terms of use

These materials for Photoshop are FREE for non commersial use on webpages, artwork, paper publications, and school presentations. I charge nothing for the use of these designs. You are not allowed to take the files and make them downloadable from your own server. A link to my site is accepted though. Please link to my pages if you like to share resources from this site on your own website. They are also not to be sold anywhere, or to be modified or redistributed in any way. A credit to this website and a small link somewhere would be very much appriciated if you use any of these resources in your work online. Have fun creating!